Today the concept of ‘Smart City’ is more than just the perception of a city where in engineering

areas related to urbanism, architecture and urban infrastructure, softwares of finding a location and

providing geographical information-an inseparable part of our daily lives- are widely used and

democratization of information exists with the help of a strong data processing network.


Local administrators, investors and politicians are working to enhance the quality level of sheltering,

economic, cultural, social and environmental conditions in order to improve the sustainable growth

capacity and competitiveness of their cities. Thus, creating globally smart cities becomes a must.

In the broadest sense, a ‘smart city’ is an urban settlement which is environment-friendly with its

strong infrastructure and where access to urban services is easy with the help of communication and

information technologies. At the same time, factors like the existence and effectiveness of a creative

class, education level, the existence of local information producers and entrepreneurs and also the

human and social capital of the city are important in terms of ‘smartness’ of a city. Moreover, a smart

city can be made possible with its participant management pioneering in a high quality city life, its

smart economy, its urban activeness, a smart environmental strategy and management of natural

resources and its free, independent and highly aware citizens.


Water Management For Smart Cities Conference is the 4th International Water Conference based on

contemporary subjects and organized biennially by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Water Supply

and Sewerage Management (IZSU) on the 30th anniversary of its foundation. It will be a conference

where local and foreign experts will share their contemporary research results with the public and

will create a synergic atmosphere on the smart management of urban water infrastructure.