Emblem Designs Logotype Designs Logo Designs (Emblem+Logotype) Mascots Corporate Image Guides (With the Current Logo) Letterhead Stationery (Commercial Envelope, Business Card) Business Cards Envelopes Letterhead Stationery Folders, Files Posters, Billboards, Outdoor Advertising Designs Press, Magazine Advertising Covers (Book, Magazine, Inserts etc.) Brochures, Catalogues Limited Publishing Leaflet, Pamphlet Advertising Insert Designs Agenda, Pad, Notebook Papers Packaging Labels (Olive oil, Wine, Food etc) Boxes POP advertising Greeting cards, Invitations Calendar Menu CD Cover/ Booklet Corporate Image Designs Placemats Labels (CD, DVD, Price, Sale) Certificates, Certificates of Honor, Valuable Papers Member Cards Promotional Merchandise (Pens, cube pads, t-shirts, hats, bags etc) Name Badges Sign Boards, Totem Signs, Building Logos On-car Advertising Visual Designs for Exhibition Stands

CGA Creative Ad Agency

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