DR Sezgin Öztürk

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From the company’s point of view;

He has performed over 5000 nose surgeries. Thus, he is very experienced in his field.
For the past few years he has been using the Piezo technology in surgeries. Throughout this period he
has attended all courses and conferences organized by respectable world-class professionals.
He is a member of TKBBV, TRV, TFPC, EFPSC.
He is one of the first to perform tonsil surgeries by using thermal welding system in Izmir and is
experienced in this field.
He performs endoscopic sinus surgeries using a shaver, and is experienced in ear pinning
(autoplasty) and laser vocal tract surgeries. He has performed around 700 eardrum surgeries.
Until today there have been no malpractices or serious complications.