Pre-Fair Prep Tips for Companies

Plan the future for your job!

First and foremost, you need to set definite and clear goals in the fair you will participate in to get the best results

for your brand.

Your stand should reflect your corporate attitude.

To be able to make your brand stand out from the rest, your stand should be professionally designed. To

accomplish this do not hesitate to contact experts. Keep in mind that the sooner you act the better your stand

area and design will be.

Calculate the costs.

Your stand designers will present the best solutions for your firm and services.

Follow the other participants

You should definitely follow the publications that will guide you in the fair. Guides include detailed information

about the rules and regulations as well as important dates and things you should or should not do.

Start promoting in advance

It is important to let the fair visitors know about your stand in advance as they decide which stands they will visit

in advance. You will have created a strong image by letting your current contacts as well as visitors you haven’t

met yet know about your existence in the fair.

Attract attention

Your stand’s look reflects the image of your brand and the product/service you present. Portable exhibit displays,

posters and graphics, flags, information desks, promotion brochures, samples, tv monitors, projectors and product

applications are a few of the marketing and advertising items to promote your firm.

Be systematic

To keep data of your visitors and facilitate their feedback you can have special forms prepared. You can also

use your business cards, forms and promotional products creatively.